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My word, Madam, if I were brave enough, I would commission you a Colonel in one of my regiments.

"The shattering of a heart, when being broken, is the loudest quiet ever.”

She acts sow well, her crying is so feeling true. She is proud but can’t contained how hurt she is.Because love & broken heart are above any wounds.

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Crying for Freedom: Inside Hong Kong’s Revolution

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Hong Kong’s “Cubicle Dwellers”: Exposing Life in One of the World’s Most Densely Packed Cities

In light of the current political protests in Hong Kong, showcasing a project from the Hong Kong-based Society for Community Organization (SoCO), a non-governmental and human rights advocacy group, seems fitting. SoCO has organized community social actions and civic education programs to encourage political participation since 1972, and it recently brought attention to the unacceptable living conditions of many of the city’s poorer inhabitants in a disturbingly illuminating ad campaign. “Cubicle Dwellers” shows the tiny apartments, averaging only about 40 square feet and too small to be shot from anywhere but above, that over 100,000 people occupy. In these spaces, individuals and families must rest, cook, and store all their personal belongings. Due to Hong Kong’s lack of buildable space, the city has come to be one of the world’s densest, resulting in increasingly tall, tightly-packed dwellings. Indeed, thirty-six of the world’s 100 tallest residential buildings are in Hong Kong, and more people live or work above the 14th floor than anywhere else on Earth, making it the world’s most vertical city. The project highlights how the disparity between industrial growth and human needs can rapidly transform environments, and how an imbalance in the way we distribute our energy resources can paradoxically create places of enormous wealth and widespread poverty. 


This is outrageous what’s going there. Democracy is the source of modernity.

Outlander (2014) First half of Season 1

I CANT BELIEVE NEXT EPISODE IS ON APRIL 4th, I HAVE TIME TO DIE A THOUSAND TIMES. Is it really a smart strategy ? I suppose they will film season 2 in the waiting. Will it make forget fans about them or on the contrary, as for Breaking Bad, the world will see what a masterpiece this serie is ? Commercially speaking, this is a game. And I quite like it but, BUT, BUT, 7 MONTHS of wait. THIS IS PROPERLY HELL.

I believe that I have understood now. Hell is wait. Satant lives in the waiting put in our heart to see something we quite fancy.

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Tonight was the Outlander mid-series finale. 

^basically me during the last scene.


The circle at Craigh na Dun marks a place on the earth where the powers of nature come together. The stones gather the powers and give it focus. And for certain people, on certain days, it allows them to pierce the veil of time. Mr. Randall, you know your wife went up that hill the day she vanished. I believe she didn’t come back down that hill… at least not in 1945.

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